Merike Estna in her studio. Photo: Marta Vaarik

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Merike Estna


Dagmara Genda from Berlin Art Link Magazine visited Merike Estna in her studio and took a tour of her ongoing solo exhibition at Kai Art Center.


“Since 2016 Estna divides her time between Tallinn and Mexico City. When asked if the new location has influenced her work, she answers pragmatically that her surroundings always affect what she does though she cannot point to a colour or form that stems from one place or another. Her work, it seems to me, might be compared to a raft, or to that painting upon which she sat and mixed alchemical concoctions for her guests. It is carried by the places to which she travels, but it retains its own solid structure. Not exactly a bubble, her practice sways with the ebbs and flows of life, but like her human nest hovering in the air above her exhibition at Kai Art Center, it builds a small safe haven amidst the turbulence of a constantly changing world.” Read more here.


Merike Estna‘s solo exhibition Soil will not contain our love will be on view until Sunday November 27, 2022.


Roundtable Discussion with Taavi Suisalu at ISCP Residency in New York


Taavi Suisalu, winner of the two-month ISCP residency grant supported by the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC), has worked in his studio at ISCP since early October. On Tuesday, November 29th from 6-7pm NY time, Taavi will join curator Fabian Flückiger as well as Clae Lu and Anna Schimkat to talk about how and why artists use sound in their practice.


Taavi Suisalu creates cultural-ecological contexts that operate on technical, metaphorical, and poetic levels at the same time. His work takes the form of interactive installations, performative situations, and curatorial endeavors. He has exhibited work at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn; Bozar, Brussels; and Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, among others.


ISCP is New York’s most comprehensive international visual arts residency program for artists and curators. The ISCP-ECADC residency program was founded in 2015, and the following Estonian artists and curators have participated so far: Marge Monko, Rael Artel, Anu Vahtra, Paul Kuimet, Laura Põld, and Mia Raadik.


Kaido Ole New Book


Artist Kaido Ole launches his new book “Kaido Ole ¾” at Kai Art Center.

On November 23 at 6pm at Kai Art Center, Kaido Ole will launch his new book “Kaido Ole ¾”. This hardcover book includes almost all of the artist’s works and longer texts by Kaisa Eiche and Eero Epner, as well as a chat with his good friend and colleague Tõnis Saadoja. The book launch will be followed by a conversation led by Jaak Prints in Estonian.

The book has 554 pages, 483 reproductions, 24 photos of situations and people, and was compiled by Anneli Porri, edited by Hedi Rosma, and designed by Andres Tali. During the launch, “Kaido Ole ¾” will be sold at a special price.