Kaido Ole launches new book “Kaido Ole ¾” at Kai Art Center.


On November 23 at 6pm at Kai Art Center, Kaido Ole will launch his new book „Kaido Ole ¾“. This hardcover book includes almost all of the artist’s works and longer texts by Kaisa Eiche and Eero Epner, as well as a chat with his good friend and colleague Tõnis Saadoja. The book launch will be followed by a conversation led by Jaak Prints in Estonian.


The book has 554 pages, 483 reproductions, and 24 photos of situations and people, and was compiled by Anneli Porri, edited by Hedi Rosma, and designed by Andres Tali. During the launch, “Kaido Ole ¾” will be sold at a special price. 


This publication was supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Temnikova & Kasela gallery, LHV, and Utilitas.