Shoplifter's exhibition 'Hyperweb' at Kai Art Center. Photo: Aron Urb

‘Your Time is My Time’ Book Launch


“Your Time Is My Time” editors Merilin Talumaa and Annika Toots launching the book at L’AiR Arts Research Residency in Paris. Photo: private collection


You’re welcome to join us for the launch of Your Time is My Time on Saturday, September 2nd at 5pm at Kai Art Center. The book is presented by editors Annika Toots and Merilin Talumaa. The launch includes a discussion between artists Laura Põld and Maria Kapajeva whose visual essays and interviews are included in the book. Your Time is My Time is designed by Kert Viiart, publised and distributed by Mousse Publishing and Roots to Routes.


The discussion is held in English and is free of charge. Join the event on Facebook.


Maria Plotnikova at Kai Residency


Maria Plotnikova ‘Ok, Let’s Talk About You Instead’ (2023). Photo: Jörg Koopmann


Kai Art Center welcomes Ukrainian artist Maria Plotnikova to the Kai Residency. Maria’s residency will take place for one month until mid-September. Maria will introduce her artistic practice and research at the Kai Residency Circle on Thursday, September 7th at 5pm. Join the event on Facebook.


Maria Plotnikova is a multidisciplinary visual artist who works with performance installations, video, painting, and drawing. The subjects of Maria’s residency are related to the war in Ukraine. During her residency in Estonia, Maria plans to research various attitudes towards the war. She will also be continuing her ongoing project Cuts, which reflects on the experience that she herself and other Ukrainians are currently going through.


The residency program for Ukrainian artists was initiated by the Estonian Creative Residencies Network LOORE to provide opportunities for Ukrainian artists, critics, and art professionals to connect with a supportive artistic community across Estonia and to give artists a safe space in which to continue their creative practices.


Unique Theremin Concert at Shoplifter’s Exhibition ‘Hyperweb’


Hekla playing the theremin. Photo: private collection


Shoplifter’s exhibition Hyperweb is accompanied by a soundscape created by Icelandic musician and talented theremin player Hekla. Mixing both archaic and futuristic sounds, Hekla’s compositions are a treat for fans of experimental music. Her gentle and fragile music resonates with the dark folklore of Iceland, creating deep sounds and a beautifully intense presence. The unique tones and haunting music will stay with you long after the experience is over.


The theremin is an instrument played without touch. it consists of two antennas – one ise used to control the pitch and the other is for volume. To play the instrument, the thereminist moves their hands in the electromagnetic field ofthe antennas. Hekla has become one of the most outstanding theremin players of her generation. With her first single Hekla (2016), she won the Kraumur award in Iceland. Hekla’s second album Xiuxiuejar (2021) was recognized as album of the month by The Guardian.


Shoplifter’s solo exhibition Hyperweb will be on view until November 26th.


Hekla will be making her Kai debut to perform a special theremin concert amid Shoplifter’s Hyperweb. Join us for a unique opportunity to hear this rare instrument live on Saturday, October 7th at 7pm.


Kai Art Center is the first Green Key certified art space in Estonia


Kai Art Center’s Director of Operations, Kadri Laas-Lepasepp with the Green Key label. Photo: private collection


We are honored to announce that Kai Art Center is the first Green Key certified art space in Estonia. Green Key is an international eco-label and the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry.


The principles of sustainability have always been an integral part of Kai Art Center’s exhibitions and entire program. In the production of our exhibitions we prioritize using materials that are recyclable and of local origin. Kai also finds ways to extend the cycle of exhibitions and to reuse each exhibition’s inventory. This is something we keep in mind in the planning process of every exhibition we create.


More than 4000 companies around the world are Green Key certified. The certificate assures visitors that, by choosing to visit Green Key establishment, they are helping to make a difference for the environment. More information about Kai and Green Key can be found here.