Photo: Aron Urb

Kai exhibition hall awaits visitors to explore Merike Estna’s solo exhibition Soil will not contain our love


Merike Estna is known for boldly expanding the concept of painting as she skillfully creates various performative worlds that fully absorb the viewer. Her large-scale exhibition at Kai, curated by Karin Laansoo, is unique because of its various experiments with materials and installations made of textile, beeswax, wood, glass and ceramics.


Mr. Juhan Raud (from the daily newspaper Postimees) commented on the exhibition as follows: ‘It is a gentle but effective retrospective exhibition: paintings with poetic titles alternate with gorgeous installations (among other things, wood chewed by animals!), and each piece contains numerous points of contact with the wider world. A giant bird’s nest hangs from the ceiling, and here and there you can find extinguished candles. The doors/burrows dug into the white wall lead to secret rooms that look as if some elaborate rite was once performed in them.‘

More info about the Exhibition is available here.


Soil will not contain our love is open until November 27, 2022.

If you wish to book a personal tour at Kai Art Center, please write: We also offer guided education programmes on the exhibition for students in Estonian, English and Russian. Inquiries:


Marge Monko Book Launch and Film Screening


The launch of Flawless, Seamless, a new monograph by Marge Monko, takes place on Friday, September 23 at 6pm at Kai Art Center in Tallinn. At the launch, Marge Monko will premiere her film Window to the Visible World, which will be followed by a conversation with Maarin Ektermann.


The film and book are in English, while the discussion will be held in Estonian. During the launch, the publication will be sold at a special price of 25 euros. The event is free and takes place in the auditorium of Kai Art Center. Kai’s exhibition and bookshop will be open until 8pm.

More info is available here.


Murderkino at Kai


On Saturday, September 24 at 8:30pm Cinema Sõprus will screen Murderkino at Kai. Murderkino (2019–) is a “no budget” art/trash/horror film and installation project. The camp series, which plays with the elements of a horror film, was born in close cooperation with many artists working in Vienna, including Kris Lemsalu, who studied and lived in the city for quite some time.


Director Scott Clifford Evans will be present at the screening as well!

More info is available here.


Noblessner Solar Park


As of September, Kai Art Center has been receiving its electricity from the Sun. Yes, we now have solar panels on our roof! Integrating our 100+ year old building into a green energy system was a challenge, but doable. Big thank you to the Tallinn City Planning Heritage Protection Department as well as renewable energy and cleantech innovation company Sunly!