Sundown, a light installation by the artist duo Spectra & Space (Mariliis Kundla and Mihkel Pajuste) is open at the Noblessner Marina, Tallinn. Initiated by Kai Art Center, the installation is inspired by the beloved Noblessner sunset, a hallmark of summer in Tallinn. Sundown brings warmth and light to the dark Nordic winter and it can be enjoyed even when indoor cultural activities are limited.


Sundown stretches across 30 meters and consists of 70 waterproof LED lights which slowly change color. The lights form an arch, mimicking the setting sun. The 111 metres of water between the viewer and the installation lengthens the ‘canvas’ of the artwork, mirroring the colors. The technical partner for creating this installation is Digital Sputnik, whose innovative light solutions have been used in the creation of many Hollywood titles such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Independence Day Resurgence, Glass, The Mandalorian and Dune, among others.


Artist Mariliis Kundla: “It has been very exciting to experiment with these innovative waterproof lights in the outdoor setting and on such a large scale. It marks a first-time experience for both Spectra & Space and Digital Sputnik. With this artwork we aim to provoke curiosity and create a moment to discover light art during the darkest days of the year.”


Spectra & Space is comprised of two young Estonian light artists, Mariliis Kundla and Mihkel Pajuste. Their recent creations include the multi-sensory light installation Solaris (2020) which was presented at the Copenhagen light festival, and a nature-inspired project CAPTURED Evergreen (2020) that was featured in the autumn exhibition of the Designmuseum Danmark. The duo is interested in creating light experiences in spatial context bridging design, art, and technology.


Sundown is visible at the Noblessner Marina around the clock until spring 2021.


The installation is supported by BLRT Group, Digital Sputnik, Lindermann, Birnbaum & Kasela OÜ, and Lore bistro.

Installation: Technical Director (Tõnu Narro, Mihkel Lember)


See more photos of the installation here.

More info on Spectra & Space can be found here.